Monday, February 9, 2009

The letter "S"

I hope you all had a good weekend! I ended up taking an unscheduled blogger break for six days! It wasn't intentional, but it is how it ended up! I have been organizing and cleaning my way through the house, especially focusing on closets. It is going all right, but it does take a lot of time to sort things out. We have so much stuff for me to donate to the thrift store this week! Of course, I'll have to pop inside and see what they have for sale! :)

I was visiting Sarah over at Nesting In Pleasant View, and she had been tagged to list ten things she loved that began with the letter "P". I told her I wouldn't mind a letter, but agreed with her that "Q" would be a difficult one, as well as "Z", to be perfectly honest! But she was kind enough to spare me that fate, and assigned me the letter "S". Now I like this particular letter, because it just happens to be the first initial of our last name! This list is in random order, as I thought of them! :)

1.) Sewing~ My mom wanted me to learn when I was growing up, but I didn't want to. She had my sister and I each do a sewing project, only one because I was so cranky about learning. The project? An apron! What was I thinking? I love sewing now, and I LOVE aprons! Do you ever wish you could go back and learn the things you were either too stubborn or in too much of a hurry to learn before? Imagine the way I could sew now if I had listened then. :)
2.) Sleep~ I may not do as much of this since becoming a mother, but boy, do I appreciate it more than I did before! There is nothing like that bliss of a warm and cozy bed, a dark room, and a quiet house! :) Heaven! :)
3.) Singing~ I grew up in a very musical family, and singing was the main "instrument". My older sisters and their families would come over and sometimes we'd all sing together. Naturally when I married my husband, I envisioned our family as a singing one. We'd sing together all the time, on trips in the car, we'd even take it a step further and sing our prayers before meals. I mean, everyone does this, right? Uh, wrong...getting my family to sing with me is like pulling teeth, but they did sing some Christmas songs with me in the car this year! :)
4.) SPRAY PAINT!~ I have discovered the wonders of this amazing decorating tool! I have been a stickler for a brush, and have been a little afraid of getting it wrong with the spray paint, but the stuff is wonderful. :) And for the time conscious decorator, it is awesome! :)
5.) Soap operas~ Well, I like one of them, anyway. General Hospital is my all-time favorite. Although, lately I haven't been watching it as much, because one of my favorite talk-radio programs comes on at the same time. :)
6.) SPRING!~I like all the different seasons, but I LOVE spring! It is my favorite season!
7.)Sunshine~ Oh for more of this! I thank God for every sunny day! I suppose I should thank Him for rain too, but that just doesn't come as easily! :)
8.) Snow~ Okay, another weather related thing I know, but I love snow. My husband and I like it as much as our kids! Although, I will admit, I don't love our school snow routes! :)
9.) Snohomish~ This is a town relatively near us where we would love to live. We would love to live somewhere there "in the country". It remains a dream at this point however, because it is too far a drive for my husband to consider driving to where he works in Seattle...but you never know~ someday it may happen! :)
10.) Soda~ This is my weakness! I have been trying to cut back from two to one sodas a day, but it is very, very hard! :)

Whew! There you have it~ ten things I love! If you would like a letter, just let me know in your comment, and I'll send one your way! (And I promise to be kind and not give any Q's or Z's to you either! :) I will be coming around to visit you ASAP, and catch up on everything! :) Have a good night!


"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...


Have a super week!!!


Anonymous said...

I love to go through closets and get rid of things that are no longer needed. It's a good feeling. That was a great list!

Unknown said...

I am cleaning my kitchen cabinets out today! I loved your list!

Shell in your Pocket said...

OH..I love spray paint....I could spray almost anything:)!
-sandy toe

Darlene said...

It sounds like you have accomplished quite a bit of cleaning and de-cluttering. I need to do that desperately!!!! Loved reading about your "S's".♥

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I love Snohomish! My family lives near there--well, two of my family members live in Snohomish, but not in the cute part--they live up in the part that is adjacent to Mill Creek. I love wandering the antique stores in Snohomish and getting a big ice cream cone!

~ Sarah

Our Complete Family said...

I had fun reading your last few posts to catch up on your blog hun! I've been blogland absent, too. Lots going on here so trying to play catch up now!
Happy day wishes to you and your fam~ Les

Thistledew Farm said...

So Sweet! Silly Strumpet!

trish said...

Hi Jenni,
Your list is fun! I also love sunshine! There have been some warm, dry, sunny days that I just wish I could capture in a jar, to save for later. :o)
I worked through my cupboards and closets not to long back. :o) We donate to a consignment store and when our items sell (if they sell) we have $. I end up spending it there. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

cherry said...

Fun read as usual! Q would be diff. I LOVE your chairs...and I also LOVE red ticking...I have some tucked away to use. cherry

Tracey said...

Love your list, I also like clearing out cupboards, I always find stuff I forgot I had! Can I please have a letter? I do like having something to think about!
Love Tracey xxx

Ms. Tee said...

I would've loved to sew when I was younger, too - and sleep - there never seems to be enough! lol ;)
Hope you have a happy valentine's day!