Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shopping...and some great finds!

I had some fun last night at Michaels Crafts store, searching up and down the aisles for some inspiration! Usually, I go there with a definite idea of what I need, but not this time. (My good friend was really sweet and went with me, even though she didn't need anything!) It's a funny thing, but sometimes you find the neatest things when you don't even know what you're looking for...

I love the metal signs with words! I had the idea they were for scrapbooking, and couldn't think of anything I could do with them otherwise. But last weekend, on my daily blog rounds, I stopped by Cherry's Jubilee and saw what a cute and original craft she made with one of these metal signs...make sure to check it out! The link to her blog is on the left of my main blog page under "Blogs I Love". But it got me thinking, and I think I have a cute idea for the little sign that says "Things to Do"...we'll see if it works! :) The package of assorted metal pieces could come in handy, too! It could perk up a scrapbook page, if nothing else!

And I guess it's obvious I like black and white when I saw the gingham and the polka-dotted paper, it went in my cart. The little package that is a little hard to see is actually full of black and white gingham brads! I am not exactly sure what they will be used for, but they are oh-so-cute! I think they will be a cute decoration, all in a little glass container.

But I have to say, hands down, the funnest part of my little trip to Michaels was in their dollar section! Imagine a kid in a candy store, and you'd have it just about right! :) Am I the only one who loves the dollar section in stores? Some of the BEST things I have ever discovered have been in these sections. So, in honor of these great bargains, I am going to show you my best DOLLAR FINDS whenever and wherever I may find them, beginning today! :)

When I saw these, I could picture them as a way to organize little things in my kitchen. Things like paper clips, pencil erasers, and the like. I'll admit, the green really caught my eye, but they also had them in a great turquoise color, as well as a beautiful cornflower blue. Each of these little cans was just a dollar.

Of course I did pick up a few of the turquoise ones, because they are the color of my bedroom walls. These will be great for organizing the miscellaneous craft items on my little hobby table in our room. Cute and functional~ could it get any better than that? The pink ribbon was also a dollar deal.

And although the picture does not do these justice, these are just the sweetest notecards ever!

And what's not to love about these adorable little magnets that say the days of the week? Oh, let me tell you, I was in such bargain heaven last night!

So that concludes my first edition of DOLLAR FINDS.

I must say that I have been busy with a little something that I absolutely cannot wait to tell you about! But that's all I can say until tomorrow... :)


cherry said...

Heyyyyyy there! I am so glad you liked my little project! I have those SAME containers from Michaels. I love that section there and at Target. Almost always find something to bring home. Thanks soooo much for linking me and your sweet comments. I am linking you too! cherry

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how your craft project ends up! I had fun at Michael's with you even though I didn't buy anything. (Next time I will for sure). You are inspiring me to get more creative!