Saturday, August 9, 2008

Salt and pepper shakers

Please tell me that someone else out there has an salt and pepper shakers! Oh, I try to keep it under control, I really do...but then I'm in a cute little shop or a garage sale, and there will be the sweetest pair just waiting for me. I counted them today and it's not as bad as I thought, although I will admit this "collection" is still in it's infancy! However, I think that once you count and you have about ten of anything, it's time to admit you have a problem. And what a fun problem to have! (So easy on the eyes, too!)

And although these next little jars are not technically salt and pepper shakers, they really, really want to be! (Honest!) :) They remind me so much of them anyway, I just had to include them!

So tell me, what is your collection of? :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely salt and pepper shakers Jenni, you would love my auntie's collection she has a whole room full of them! (well I think she still has them)


cherry said...

Hey there! Your salt/pepper shakers are all adorable. I see my same black/white canisters peeking through on one of your photos. Target right? I love them. I loved the tour of Leavenworth Wa. Would love to go up there sometime. I thought some of those pics looked like the Northwest. Your son who just turned 11 looks just as gangly as mine does. Hunter will turn 11 in Nov. and is getting sooo tall. Thanks soooo much for coming over and leaving such sweet comments. cherry