Saturday, August 30, 2008

Garage sale finds and discounts!

I just love garage sales, don't you? I have found a few things lately that I haven't shown you yet, so I thought I'd share them with you! :)

I found these plates last Friday for twenty cents a piece. I have to say that was more than fair!

I think these will have to be in our (soon-to-be) raspberry and mint green living room! :) The more I look at these plates, the more I like them...

I also found this framed picture. They wanted three dollars for it, but I offered two. I probably could have offered one, but I didn't. Live and let live, that is my new motto...or I'm at least working on that one! :)

I also found this white ceramic container for just a quarter! I just love the little handles on it! I actually almost didn't get it, but thought it would be nice for kitchen tools...I just had to get a picture of it on my "new" old stove (smile!) , and it seemed to fit right in!

I found two of these crocheted pillow shams and two other battenburg lace shams (not pictured as they are not ironed yet). (I am not sure of the correct spelling of "battenburg", and my spell check wasn't sure either!) The woman selling them wanted two dollars for each, which I thought was kind of on the high side, but I still bought them because they were in such good shape. Besides, pillow shams can be pricey, even at stores like Target!

Just one more picture of the shams with the aqua one I found at Marshalls. Normally we have a lot more pillows on the bed, but I have some ironing to do! My husband doesn't really understand why we need eight pillows on one bed, but it just looks so pretty, I guess it makes sense to me! :)

This is kind of a small thing, but this glass jar didn't want to be left out! Just perfect for sweet treats or candy, it was a great find for just a dollar! :)

This vintage pastry blender was a find from one of my favorite antique malls. It said that it really wanted to come home with me, so I brought in on home!

My sister and I were shopping last weekend, and found these little green speckled eggs for just a quarter a piece! So until they are used for a craft project, they are sitting pretty inside here! I just love green and red together!

These plates were tagged as "irregular" (not perfect), so they were only asking three dollars for the dinner plates and two for the salad plates. I went ahead and bought six of each kind, and could only find one flaw, and it's barely noticeable! Hum...I wonder what they saw that wasn't right?

Well, that's all for now! I hope that you have a great Labor Day weekend! :)


Jeni said...

29 cents? That is crazy. I like the pillow shams and $2 is good I think. I really like the pastry blender. Wishing you fun with all you new things.

Anonymous said...

More treasures, they are all gorgeous.. Also love your family frame idea. First day of spring here and raining! Day off, so may get to some craft myself. Enjoy your treasures - I love red and green together too.

trish said...

Great finds! I love your pillow shams, the bowls, and the plates! Who am I kidding? I love it all! It will be fun for you to find those perfect places for each item! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Our Complete Family said...

What great finds! Now you get to have even more fun and find spots in your house for all of these great treasures! Happy Labor Day to you today~ Les

cherry said...

All of those are great finds! Love the pillow shams..simply yummy. Happy Labor Day Girlio. cherry

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh my ga...What deals!!!I think the pillow shams are a super deal for $2. And the 20 cent plates...I would have totally tried to scoop you on. :-)