Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little bit of everything

Hi, I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. I am SO ready for the weekend! Especially since this Saturday my husband and I are leaving for our anniversary vacation! We do this every year, and thanks to our parents who take care of the kids, we get a whole week off! We always spend the first four days in Leavenworth (in Washington state) and then have a few relaxing days alone at home...although I must admit, I always have a big project up my sleeve, and this year is no different...more on that tomorrow! :)

Leavenworth is such a fun place to stay! Many years ago, it was a dying town, until they decided to give the town a Bavarian "theme". Everywhere you look, you feel like you are in Europe, and all of the shops and hotels have to look the part. Even just the natural beauty of the hills and mountains and trees is amazing! I am going to take a lot of pictures so you can see how beautiful the town is! :)

We stay at the Enzian Inn every year, and love sitting our little balcony with the moon high over the mountains that are so close, you feel as if you can almost touch them. I love the window boxes overflowing with petunias on top of the railing and the peacefulness. Oh, I can't wait! :)

On a totally different subject, yesterday the kids and I were at Target, and we were looking in the cleaning section, and I found something I love! Those of you who know me know I am a true clean-freak (although I'm trying to let loose a little!) and my favorite aisle of the grocery store is the cleaning aisle. I know this may cause some of you to gasp in horror, what with all of the chemicals. I know, you're right. But bear with me on this...

Lately I have been trying to come up with healthier cleaning products, and I am always so happy when I find one that is already made! But this is the deal breaker~ it MUST work well. And if it smells good, well then, I will be a loyal customer. So when I saw this, I had hope that I might have, at long last, found a Windex alternative.

Every other time I have tried anything else, I have ended up with streaked windows...agh! It's sad when your windows looked better BEFORE you washed them! :(

SO...when I got home, I tried it out on some very, VERY dirty slider doors. Immediately the promised lavender and rosemary oils filled the room! Okay, I was in heaven! But then, I saw that the window was cloudy, not clear like I wanted it. Guess what, though? After thoroughly wiping all of the solution off, I had streak free windows! Yea! Now I have clean windows AND a clean conscience! :) (In fact, it's kind of funny~ on the top of the bottle, it says "Conscience-Clearing Power".) It's by J.R. Watkins and is called "Natural Home Care Window Cleaner". It's free of about everything you could ever imagine, and many you never would have! :)

Well, that's it for now, but I'll be sure to be back tomorrow to tell you about my big project I'm starting next week! :)

P.S. I may have found a vintage stove after all! More on that as I know more! :)

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Shabbee Chick said...

Good for YOU getting a Windex alternative. And that Maytag/planter picture at the beginning of your post is ca-yute!!!!!