Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Etsy deadline

My sister and I made a deal. We each gave ourselves 14 days to sew something and get it on our respective Etsy store sites. Enough hemming and hawing...So here I have, gulp, two and a half days left. I think I can, I think I can...
If my sis doesn't meet our "deadline", she has several completely legitimate reasons for it:
  1. Three children under the age of three.
  2. Their two year old boy had tonsilitis.
  3. Their baby got sick and was almost hospitalized, then put on a nebulizer at home instead.
  4. My sister spent much time in doctor's office/ER.
  5. Her grandmother by marriage passed away this week.
(Needless to say, she has had a lousy two weeks!)

So, what are my excuses, you may ask? Um, gulp, does procrastination count? Okay, I will say I am busier when the kids are home from school in the summer, but one look back up at my sister's list and, well, nope, I really don't think that's going to qualify.

So what's really holding me back? Let's just say, I have heard that being a perfectionist is not a positive attribute, even though we tend to think of it that way. Well, after over three decades of being me, I've decided I agree!

I really, really want to put this apron on Etsy, but want it to be just right. High quality. Made in Heaven. I think I am trying too hard. If I'd been making this apron for myself, I'd have made ten by now. They'd all be finished, hanging in my kitchen!

Tomorrow the day, though. It's going to be different. I will finish the apron and put it on Etsy and no more fussing with it!

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Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

I so understand the perfectionism thing! I've been wanting to "open" my etsy store for over a year and just can't seem to get to that point for the very same reason...well, that, and the general remodeling chaos that goes on here at home, hehe! Thanks for the email - I would love to add you to my link list and will do so ASAP! Thanks for add me, by the way - I appreciate it!