Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun garage sale finds (and some random information!)

I found the sweetest things ever on my way to the grocery store yesterday. I saw the pink sign that said "Huge Garage Sale" and just could not resist! I am so glad I went!
Isn't this bird adorable? I am a collector of birds ( but only the non-breathing variety) and when I saw this sweetie, it was love at first sight! It's so chubby and cute! It is very happy now resting on our bedroom dresser! :)

I also found these at that same garage sale, and although they are not as heavy as I would like, I couldn't pass them up. I'll just add a candle to each and they'll look my living room, I think.

And last, but not least, I found something I have been searching for...

These are wonderful to hang up a curtain with~ first hang one of these holders up on each side of your window. Then simply take a length of fabric, hemmed or unhemmed, and create a simple swag by looping the sides through the openings of each of these, and voila! You have beautiful curtains framing your window! You can also use a lace tablecloth, even a pretty bed sheet, vintage or new! (Yes, I DID just say you could use a sheet!) It's true...bed sheets make wonderful things when repurposed... but, back to the curtain idea...

I must say I actually can't take the credit for originality (is that a word?) on this idea of looping the fabric through these, as I saw it done in some of the windows in one of my favorite shops, The Cranberry Cottage.

Nevertheless, I am SO excited because when I came home I realized that these are perfect for our kitchen window! There is no space for most any curtain rod we've tried to use, because of the cabinets being so close on both sides of the window! But I think these are going to work just fine! Here's a picture of the window and cabinets~ you can see what I mean about the lack of space for a decorative curtain rod! One small disclaimer: this will look much better when we put up the beadboard within a month or two. I'll hang up some curtains after we finish the kitchen this summer and show you a picture that is a little softer on the eyes! :)

Please ignore the light fixture over the window...that is most certainly going! I also realize the, shall we say "interesting", items hung above the window look rather odd up there. After I sewed that apron, I wanted a place to keep it from getting wrinkled and so I put it up there. The other is an old child's underdress/slip I found at an antique store a little while ago. I put it up there so I could think about what to do with it. Wouldn't several of these look sweet hung with minature clothespins as a valance over a window in a little girl's room? I'm already on the hunt for more of these little "dresses" to do just that in the room our girls share.

Well, this was just one big tangent of a blog entry! I hope you don't mind too much!
Have a wonderful night! :)

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Anita said...

You have a beautiful blog! Doesn't Amber do a fantastic job? Love the Moda red rose fabric with the red/white polka dots. Too cute!