Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy for canisters

Old-fashioned canisters...

I was powerless against these! I found them in my favorite little shop in the town David and I went to for our anniversary, and I decided I had to buy them. I really needed more canisters. Like I need more fabric. Or buttons. Or ribbon. Or colorful spatulas. (I'm sure you get my drift here. I really don't need more canisters! :)

But you can have fun and get creative with them...I saw an idea, I think on the Better Homes and Gardens website, and thought it was cute. They had a few glass jars with flour and sugar and whatnot, and a couple had china cups in them for measuring, SO cute! :)

I was disappointed that mine didn't look as nice as it did on BHG. Why is that anyway? If I can find their picture again, I will be sure to show you it, because it really was such a great picture! :)

So how have you been and how have you been enjoying these last days of summer? Here, it has been warm this week, and we have been drinking sweet tea like there's no tomorrow! I thought I would share the little recipe for it, but it's really simple, so you might recognize it! My mom grew up in the South and this is the tea she always made when I was growing up, only she put more sugar in hers. :) It's simple, but oh-so-good!

Simple Southern Sweet Tea

six Lipton tea bags
*2-3/4 one-fourth cups white sugar

After you put your kettle on to boil the water, put the tea bags and sugar in the pitcher. I need to explain the measurement I gave for the sugar...we experimented with the sugar and found it tasted best a little more than 5/8 c. and not quite 3/4. So we just fill the 1/4 measuring cup 2-3/4 might find it's too sweet or not sweet enough, depending on your taste! :)

Pour boiling water over sugar and tea bags and stir a little.

Let stand overnight or several hours, then add cold water to top. Serve over crushed ice, with a slice of lemon if you like! Enjoy! :)

One last thing:

David took the kids to swim lessons for me this morning, and he was walking with them towards the pool...

Gracie: Daddy, would you rather have a cavity or a Barbie tatoo?

Hearing about this later, I laughed and asked him, "So what did you choose?"

He said he never got to answer, but given the choice, he'd choose the cavity. (Smart guy!) :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! The weekend is the very best part of the week, don't you think?


Tracey said...

Love those jars! The tea looks good but I hate the taste!
Your hubby is all man....choosing the!!!LOL

Cal said...

That's so funny about your little girl. And I had to smile about the canisters. I know what you mean about things not looking the same as in the magazines. Very cheering post. Have a great weekend. x

About Southern Belle said...

Hi there Jenni! Cute jars! I think the reasons our pictures don't look as good as BHG is because we don't have professional lighting... I am however looking into getting some eventually. You know, backdrops, big lights, everything. Did you know my latest dream is to be a photographer?

ROFL! Gracie your too funny!

Amy S. said...

Cute cannisters! I like the teacup idea, and I think yours looks great. Don't worry about comparing yourself to BH&G.
I lOVE the question Gracie asked! :)

The Pleasrures of Homemaking said...

Hi Jenni,

I've seen that picture and it is cute. I think their jar may be larger? Anyway, yours is cute too!

Thank you for the well wishes. I think I'm recovered now. I go back Monday to have temporary crown put on and I think that's a pretty harmless procedure (I hope)!


bubble said...

LOL how cute is your little girl?!

love the jars too.

Amy xxx

Darlene said...

I think your canisters look GREAT!! Love it filled and the little tea cup in it...too CUTE!

My favorite is peach tea! Delicious! How funny is Gracie that she came up with that!!!

Amber M. said...

I'd choose a cavity,too. And I'm even a girl!

I love old canisters, too. I have one full of antique cookie cutters in my kitchen and one huge one that holds my laundry soap.

Jeni said...

Super cute canisters...I have one with cookies cutters and then for every holiday or season I have one I fill with either candy corn, chistmas M&M's, red hots, jelly beans......

You don't go anywhere in Georgia and not have sweet tea on the menu.

Anonymous said...

I love the jars!

I would have chosen the cavity too. I don't care for tattoos.

Unknown said...

Love the jars!

Being from the south we go through a gallon or two of sweet tea a day!

Scrappy Girl said...

Cute canisters.

Dr. Hubby would have chosen the tatoo...anything to avoid the dentist.