Friday, September 5, 2008

The third time is the charm!

Sometimes I really do wonder if my brain HAS been abducted by aliens. Or donated for scientific research without my consent...not that they would want it. No, really, I am joking about the aliens and scientific research, but why does it feel at times that I really have gone and lost every last brain cell?

Our children started school two days ago~ TWO DAYS ago, I tell you. And I did what every mother across America did. I got them up, fed them breakfast, helped them pick out what to wear, and brushed their hair. I even put adorable little clips in the girls' hair...But unlike other mothers who have their head on straight, I did NOT remember the camera until we were out at the bus stop. So, we have no "first day of school" pictures this year. No second day pictures either, even though this time I did bring the camera. (I DID, however, get a cute picture of my friend's daughter.) But my kids were already on the bus, and there is no way I would have been able to drag my pre-teen son off the bus to actually photograph him in public!

Wonder of wonders, though, today I not only remembered the camera (barely), I also managed to snap a few shots of the kiddos before they hopped on the bus. Ever seen the third day of school pictures before? Well, now you can say you have. Hopefully you'll bear with me here~ I feel compelled to show these to you, since they almost didn't happen at all! :)

You would never know it, but our son actually CAN smile, he just did not want me to take his picture...our oldest girl is the only one that will smile for the camera, without making faces, saluting, or sticking out her tongue. Is this normal, I wonder, or a result of poor mothering?

Here's a snapshot of the girls. Our son, we'll call him "Junior", was still in the bathroom, doing~ well, I don't really know what. But I do know he was running really late, and I'm glad the bus was too!

And the final question that begs to be asked is, what IS this my friend is holding at the bus stop?
Eek! It looks like those critters that sometimes pay us a visit when we stay at the cabin! My friend assured me he was from the pet store, and completely domesticated. Only, although I had to force myself to be polite and take a peek, even I have to admit, that baby rats look a little cute...just not cute enough that I want to look at him again. Sorry, VaLynn. I DO love you, it's just your pet I'm not sure about! :)

Okay, one final thing~ I promise that the next post will include something fun and decorative. The last few days have been about cleaning and organizing. I have just been gathering my barrings here, but I'm geared up for fall and ready to get to work! So stay tuned! :)


cherry said...

Rofl...HEY Miss. Jenni...glad to know that there are others..whos minds are not quite the same after having children. I have taken pictures on the second day...just cuz he looked sooo darn cute. Your son reminds me of mine...he does not care about his pic being taken...BUT it might be cuz I take sooo many. By the way..LOVE the poem you wrote..would you mind if I use it on my chalkboard..i like to put poems and inspirations one there. Cherry

Our Complete Family said...

Jenni~ I am so cracking up at this post! You see, this is my day to day life...I swear it! I forget things all the time, I forget what I'm doing, where I'm going, and all the things inbetween! It's a wonder Bryce has made it to school on time each day this year since I drive him with Miss C in tow! I feel your pain! The background in your pics is great. Is that your gardens/yard? I love it! So green and healthy. Here's to hoping you have a FAB weekend ahead! Happy day wishes~ Hugs, Les

Jenni said...

You absolutely may use my song on your chalkboard. I am really touched that you want to do that, and am glad you like the song. :)

trish said...

Hi Jenni ~
I am thankful that I am not the only mom whose son really can smile but doesn't always like his picture taken! :o) I am with you on the baby rat! :o)
The closer I get to 40, the more I realize how much I forget. :o) Not sure if that makes sense!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Darlene said...

I am so glad that you finally got the 3rd day of school! And I am with you on the rat (I know it is a baby but)...eeek!!

Anonymous said...

Jenni, the pictures of your kids are so cute! Hearing that you didn't take pictures until the 3rd day of school makes me feel better about not scheduling Nate's senior pictures yet! :)
And rats can be adorable...remember the ones from my rat lab at the UW? They were named Katie and Emily after my sisters. Lol!