Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not exactly kettle corn!

There is something I just feel compelled to say~ I CAN'T STAND POPCORN!

No, not this kind of popcorn... (Although it isn't my favorite either!)

THIS kind of popcorn~icky, lumpy ceiling popcorn.

(Our front entry way.)

So I decided to do something about it. Once again. (The lighting is terrible because, well, there is no light in here right now!)

(Our other "lovely" hallway...and an equally lovely light fixture!)

Yes, it's true, I have done this before. My dad came over and helped me spray and scrape this terrible stuff off of our kitchen and dining room ceilings last year. (Bless him.) It was such a mess! The worst part was wearing the respirators and goggles and gloves, though. (This was just in case our popcorn contains asbestos, because we have not had it tested.) So why am I doing this again, when I said I never would again?

I guess I just am an impatient person, when it all comes down to it. My husband and I thought we could eventually cover the popcorn with new drywall, but well, I have just had enough! (Of the ceilings, not my husband. He's quite nice, and I'm keeping him!) :) So, on Monday, I put the kids on the bus and got to work. Again I donned the respirator. Again I sprayed and scraped, until the front hallway ceiling was void of popcorn and the (plastic covered) floor was a sopping mess covered with chunks of the stuff. It looked even worse on the floor than it did on the ceiling, which is saying a lot! :)

Unfortunately, we have two hallways, which meant I got to do it all over again today, too...and here is where I stopped. This marks the entrance into the living room, where I will be next week, scraping off more popcorn! (Our living room has never seemed so huge as it does when I contemplate this.) But, I know that when I am done with the whole process, the ceiling will look like this...

This is part of the kitchen, looking into the dining room. You can't really see how just how much better is really does look now in this picture as in real life. (Pardon any imperfections, because we are still working on things in here, and things are very strangely decorated. ) Which brings me to my next topic...

Maybe you're wondering why I post so few pictures of around our house. Part of starting this blog was to show how we are fixing up this old house, how it goes from bad to better! :) SO...since we are in this phase of house ownership, it can be really hard to take pictures in this house, to show you something good without all the ugly along with it! I'll take pictures of something decorative, but drat, then you can see the lack of baseboard moulding, or the ugly light fixtures, and so forth. So it can be tricky taking pictures of any seasonal decorating I do...especially since we are essentially living in a construction zone.

We are getting really really close to completing some of the rooms, and I can't wait to show you what we have done and be excited about versus embarrassed of everything! But until then, I thought I would just explain this, so that if you happen to see something unsightly, you'll know why! :)

But after you were so gracious to look at my "ugly" pictures, I thought I'd leave things on a "good" note. Do you remember this?

This is another more recent picture of the canopy I made for our master bedroom. I added another sheer panel to it, which makes it so much more full! I like it a lot more now.

Remember how I promised in the beginning of the summer that our bedroom would be done soon, and I'd show you around? Well, I'd forgotten just how much I DON'T get done in the summer! :) But, I have been spending time painting, sanding, decorating, and after this weekend, I might be done! Nothing like saying it on this blog to motivate me into finishing! :)


Shell in your Pocket said...

I am not a big popcorn ceiling fan! I love the room...the comforter is beautiful and the sheer topper is a delight!
-Sandy toes

Darlene said...

Oh gosh....can you come to Oklahoma and work on my popcorn ceilings when you are through with yours?????? I absolutely despise them but I haven't been willing to work on them either. When my hubby re-did our master bathroom (it is tiny nothing much to it) he scraped the ceilings in there so one little area done....the whole house more to do...YUCK!

I know your home will be BEAUTIFUL once you get everything done. It just takes a while.

Jeni said...

Funny popcorn reference. Man, that is a lot of work. It's looking good though. I love the paint color in your room especially with all that white. Good luck with the popcorn...

Our Complete Family said...

I bet your arms are killing you! What a workout! It is looking so great though. The end is in sight for the ceilings, right?!? Hope you get to take a little break for some you time tomorrow though! Happy fall~ Les

Ms. Tee said...

We've got the popcorn ceilings, too, and I don't know if I'll ever have the energy to do what you're doing! :) I love the canopy you made - very pretty.