Sunday, September 7, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

I hope it was a good weekend for you! I had an excellent weekend, and I am going to show and tell you why! :) One of the nice things about this weekend~ our girls played together so well! They were very busy and intent, playing "The Game", as they call it. They haul out all of their Playmobil toys and their dollhouses and essentially, play house! But you have to hear the funny part. In our dining area, there are four chairs. There are five of us that sit at the table, so we usually bring in our youngest daughter's desk chair in at dinnertime. The reason? Well, it's not because we don't have chairs. It's just that they are either waiting to be painted or painted but with no seats covered yet. It takes me forever to do anything in the summer, and so, we have no chairs. Here are a couple of them in our hallway, painted white but, well, lacking a necessary part to be of any use. This is something that would take an hour tops (to recover the seat forms). I know I'm lame but, this is the way it is right now...

Now this is the "scene" in the house our girls set up with their playmobil furniture.

My youngest, we'll call her Gracie, pointed this out to my husband and said, "Look, Daddy. I took the seat out of the chair, because the mom is going to paint it." Okay, there are times when my kids just crack me up, and this is one of them. To her, this is as much a part of "being a mom" as washing the dishes or getting them ready in the morning, things she watches me do all the time. (A funny side note is that since my husband cooks dinner more often than not, they think that is "the dad's job"! But really, it's just what has worked for us, not necessarily his job or my job!)

So, anyway, because the kids were all so happily occupied, we got so much done! We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and dining room, and we are so far from finished! We have added a few things to the list, so we expect into next year before we are done. We do pretty much everything ourselves, so it takes a long time! I'll show you pictures of what we have been up to soon...when it looks a little better. Why is it that it has to look so bad before it looks better?
I am also working on the living room, so this is going to be a busy year!

But today I had some fun and finished up a couple of things I've been working on. You know those frames that have the cut-outs for pictures so you can have kind of a collage of different pictures in the same frame? Well I saw these cute little fall stick-on embellishments and got an idea. I thought it would be fun to make a scrapbook type of collage and frame up it cute and display it through the fall. I can use it every fall, and prop it up on an end table until the season's over.

I liked this idea so much, I decided to make a Halloween one, too.

It was such an easy, fun little craft. I had some unused 11 x 14 sized frames, so I spray painted one black and one an apple green. Take some scrapbook paper, ribbon, decorative tape, and the fun seasonal embellishments, and I was good to go. It is fun to look at these and see the kids at all different ages. I am going to do a "page" for every holiday~ Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, 4th of July, you name it! It will be a sweet little reminder of what is really important and it will be fun to look at! :) I can just pull out the previous page and slip the new season's one in. So what do you think? :)

Oh, and I don't want to forget to remind you to check out the Tip of the Day thing at the top left side of the page. I am going to give tips on cool things to use or do that either make life easier or just more fun! This week I am giving out different ways to use baking soda, in ways other than just cooking. I just love the stuff! You'd just never believe all the ways that this little item can improve your daily life! Honest! :) So, even if I don't have a new blog post, I will have a Tip of the Day every day of this week, so be sure to check back! :)

Have a good night and a wonderful Monday! :)


Darlene said...

That is just too funny with the sound like me...great intentions to get things done and then they end up taking forever cause you get so many other things going....and your daughter with the chair bottom out...PRICELESS!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures...they turned out ADORABLE!! Can you tell I REALLY LIKE them!! GREAT idea!!

I am also honored that you added me to your blog list - you are added to mine too!!

Anonymous said...

the chair photos are too funny.

Jeni said...

I LOVE those collages...what a great idea!!! I would love to make one. Doing all the golidays is a good one too. I love love love looking at my kids pictures form when they were little and they do to.

Our Complete Family said...

The chair story is a HOOT! Oh my goodness kids say and do the darndest things, don't they?!? And the collages you made~ LOVE THEM girl! I must make some for our house!!! I'll e you tomorrow~ storm here so Miss Priss didn't go down when she normally did so time to get through some house chores now! Hugs~ Les

trish said...

Good Morning Jenni,
What a sweet story of your little ones following in your steps! :o) That is too cute! Your photo collages are adorable! I really like that idea and will be adding it to my list of copying! :o) My children are older now and I would love to have more of their younger pictures out to be enjoyed.
I must admit, I am a tad bit jealous of your remodeling! I would love to own an older home and bring back it's charm!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Unknown said...

I love the picture frames so cute! Thanks for the comment sometimes looking so young its not what its cracked up to be my daughter is in high school so you can image the crazy looks we get trying to figure out which one is the student! lol love your blog I can't wait to read more.

FarmGirl said...

What a great idea!! I think I will make one for myself too! We just got out our fall decor this weekend and this will look perfect! Who knew that by stopping in to welcome you to SITS, that I'd be able to take away such a great, simple idea!! Many thanks...I think I'll be looking around some more!

Anonymous said...

Your kids crack me up! That is so hilarious that they were playing with a little chair with no seat. How cute!
I love your holiday pictures! What a clever idea, and it's great that you can just pull it out every year. Once again, you have inspired me. :)
Also, I think it's fantastic that you are giving us useful tips every week. Since I'm selling my house and need my kitchen to sparkle, I am going to try your baking soda tip. Thanks!!!

Crazy Momma said...

Those are great photo collage thingies :) So crafty...which I am not!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing the SITS love!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Those framed scrapbooky pages look fantastic!! I would love to do something like that...except I'm so woefully behind on my scrapping!

~ Sarah