Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thrift store finds

First, I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! :)

AND I wanted to tell you, in answer to my little guessing game in the previous post, that I painted our kitchen floor! It was A LOT of work! I am loving the results, though, and will show you the whole floor as soon as we get the molding up! (I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get this done next weekend!)

But I also wanted to share something with you~

I was at the thrift store when I spotted these sweet cups and saucers. This is the pattern of dishes that I grew up with, and they bring back good memories! I swept these up, and also bought three matching dinner plates. The cashier pointed out that two of the plates each had a chip on them, but I assured him it didn't matter. This wasn't about perfection, it was about nostalgia.

Do you have memories of the dishes your mom used when you were growing up? Do they bring back warm memories~ maybe of a fun family supper, or the bowl of chicken noodle soup your mom made for you when you were sick?

These dishes do that for me~ I feel happy just looking at them. And that reminds me to be thankful for a good childhood, which truly is a precious gift.

(Thanks Mom and Dad.)


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Sounds like that they were meant for you to find them...hoping that you have a great day!


Scrappy Girl said...

Those are great! Love them. My mom had the Corelle with a green pattern around the edges. Now she has the Corelle Farm Fresh pattern.

Southern Belle said...

Love the dishes! I found a cup and saucer too a couple years ago and they bring back good memories for me too.

BTW, the floor looks great!

aimee said...

the cups and saucers are beautiful! i love the pattern, the color, the style of the cups and saucers. im so glad you have such wonderful memories of your childhood :)i do too :)cant wait to see the floors all done!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Such a great post-It made me think back to all my wonderful memories growing up. We had alot of love and fun in our home~Sad that many people can't say that.

Sounds like you have some special parents too!


jen said...

What a great find!!! I love those old finds that bring back wonderful memories!! Those floors look fabulous! You are on a roll project after the next! Your house is going to look fabulous!! Please send me some of your energy!!!

Anonymous said...

What a neat find! Everytime I see Corelle I think of my parents and of my hubby. He had the exact pattern that my parents had when he was a bachelor.

Lynn said...

How sweet, that you found dishes that match those from your childhood! I'll bet you were excited when you came across them :)

Kelli at Lovely Vintage Cottage Life said...

Jenni I totally know what your saying. My grandmother had a set of dishes that I absolutely loved. They were a country rasberry and ivory toile. When she passed away I really wanted the dishes for nostalgia reasons. My cousin ended up with them. I, however started scouring flea markets and tag sales and now have my own set. Everytime we eat off of them I remember my Babci <3. Have a wonderful day