Thursday, June 3, 2010

Island dreaming

I have been thinking a lot about islands since we started the main phase of our kitchen redo last spring. Now by this I don't mean tropical islands, although there have been times during this process that I have certainly dreamed of that kind, too! But how I love kitchen islands!

Above is my favorite island of all time~ the white wood with a shelf underneath, and it's charming old wood top. I love the contrast of the island and the metal pots and such on the shelf. (Sigh.)

The thing that is so amazing about this island in particular is that it was originally an old workbench. As in a garage. But no one would ever, in a million years, guess that by looking at it!

Or take this island, with it's unique shelves on the end for spices and cookbooks...and again, the butcher block paired with the heavenly!

Of course, I could not leave out this vintage-table-turned-island~ and just look at those wonderful baskets for storing cooking odds and ends!

Another beautiful piece, with plenty of storage space!

Now I know this island is very different from the others, but it has been one of my "kitchen inspiration" pictures for a while now. I love the bead board on the side, with the thick molding on bottom. I think a truly cottage island must have bead board!

Now the real question remains: what is a girl to do if she longs for a cottage island, but the kitchen can't accommodate one?

I figured out how to solve this problem without rearranging the floor plan, which we could not afford...sometimes you just have to do the next best thing. Such as, create an island that technically isn't one, and put it somewhere other than the middle of the room. If it still affords the extra work space and ambiance that a traditional island would (and I think it will) than it will be a next best least I hope so!

Stay tuned for more on this! I have this project in the works! :)

Have a blessed night,


Fabienne said...

Oh, I LOVE islands too and do hope that our new house in NC will have one - or the room for one!
I like the shelves part too, underneath.
Did you ever post a picture of your whole kitchen? I'd love to see it!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I adore the first one... I need a new island! I don't like mine at all!

Love all your pics!


Southern Belle said...

(((Sigh))) What beautiful pictures. When it comes to kitchens you've got great taste!

My favorites are the first and third pictures, but I like the simplicity of the first one the most.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Jenni,
I too love Kitchen islands I have a small one and wish it was larger.
Now I would love a Steal top one and also able to move it out of the way if need be.

Sometimes they just need to be moved for a makeover :)

Thank you for stopping by dear one!!

Sorry I have not been by to visit sooner, just things getting in the way and so darn busy with a lot of nothing that important that takes up your time:)

I will see you soon, I promise.

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love all the islands that you showed! I really could use the great storage they all provide!

I too thought of the white black combo for my stairs but my husband thinks he won't be able to see the steps! So he vetoed that idea but I would have loved to do it! Thanks for the suggestion!


Fabienne said...

Picture 4 is definitely my favorite!!!

Anonymous said...

All of them are so pretty!

Blessed Mama said...

Hi friend! That second island had me dreaming...wish I had the space for one...maybe someday in another home. :) Good for your daughter! I was a trackaholic in jr. high and high school. Go girl!!!

Val said...

Those island are fabulous!!!!

Shorely Chic said...

I think I found my dream kitchen!! I love the third one down. Found you through Be@Home - love your blog.

Stop by mine when you have a chance, I'm sure you'll like it, too!