Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joining the "Southern Belle Dreaming"

In...Destination Contentment~

I know, no matter where I go,
You are with me.
I know, no matter where You lead,
You are faithful...

On lonely road, in valley deep,

Through river wide, over mountain steep,

Still I find You stay with me,

and You are faithful.

I am sure, despite all suffering,
I am Your hands.
I am convinced nothing can separate
me from Your love...

Nothing on heaven or on earth,
nothing past, nor what is to come,

No sickness, loss or pain,
For even in death itself,
You remain~
You are with me.

Note: To join in on "Destination Contentment", or to visit my sister's blog who started this idea, go here! :)


About Southern Belle said...

How beautiful is the picture of the cross. Did you find it laying just like that? I also love how the pictures with clouds turned out, one day I will learn how to capture clouds in all their glory as you did. The poem is also lovely. I am so glad you joined me!

Miss ya!

Anonymous said...


Ms. Tee said...

So pretty!

jen said...

Great post Jenni!!

Have a great weekend!

Jen @ said...

Hi Jenni!

What a beautiful poem and pretty pictures. Thanks for the lift - I needed it today.

I hope things are going well for you! Have a wonderful weekend!


About Southern Belle said...
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About Southern Belle said...

I am so happy we were able to fix the problem with your blog...WooHOO!!! Thank the Lord!
I can't wait to read your next post!

Amy said...

What a beautiful post!