Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where is that tooth fairy?

Gracie lost her very first tooth today! She was SO excited about this, and has been waiting for this one to fall out for a while. I was kind of sad about her losing it, because it's just another sign she's growing up...but she looks awfully cute a little toothless! She is very proud and loves to show us the gap when she smiles! :)

A few days ago, she was telling her Nana that she'd had a dream it had fallen out. (This being a good dream.) I chuckled because I sometimes have those kind of dreams, but it's NOT a good thing! These are what I call nightmares! (Someone told me that if you have dreams you lose a tooth/teeth, it means you have unhealthy teeth. How do "they" know these things? Kind of like when they say if you're falling in a dream, and you hit the bottom, you die for real. That one still gives me pause....)

But Gracie has nothing but pure joy at the thought of losing teeth. I made sure she put the tooth underneath her pillow, although she informed me, "I know that the tooth fairy is really you and Daddy." Hey, who told her that?!


"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

You tell your little Gracie that you couldn't possibly be the tooth fairy because I AM the TOOTH FAIRY and I live in Oklahoma. I am a real person during the day, but special love magic turns me into a tooth fairy at night. When a special child (all kids are special) loses a tooth, I love it when they write me a note and stick it in the ziploc bag with their tooth. I love it when it is dated, in the child's handwriting, has their current age written and especially love it when they ask if they can keep their tooth. I always respect their wishes and leave their bag with tooth and note and leave them a dollar and a note from me telling me how proud I am of them. If they get that tooth pulled by the dentist or maybe there is a lot of blood involved, yikes, then sometimes I leave a $5 only because it is worth it for their bravery. Paper money is easier for me to carry since my wings are so delicate. Quarters are just too heavy nowadays. Please tell little Gracie to go to sleep so I can slip a dollar bill under her pillow.

With love,
The Tooth Fairy

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

By the way, wisdom teeth are going at $20. :)

Darlene said...

She looks too cute with that missing tooth. All kids are just so excited when they lose their first tooth.

I used to have that horrible dream where my teeth kept falling out and I couldn't seem to keep them in. I saw on Oprah one day a dream expert and they said it was the fear of getting older. Hmmmmm, the alternative would be

Amber M. said...

The Tooth Fairy got BUSTED!! But I promise, I didn't tell her...

Our male version of the Tooth Fairy forgot once to take the tooth and leave the money...

the undomesticated wife said...

How exciting, the first tooth!

I have dreams of my teeth falling out too, but my teeth are in good shape (I've only ever had two cavities, and didn't get my first until I was 26!), so it can't be because they are unhealthy. LOL

How much does a tooth go for these days? I think the tooth fairy gave me a quarter. And I'm not THAT old! Maybe my tooth fairy was just cheap. LOL

Our Complete Family said...

She looks so cute Jenni!
It's sad that it means they're growing up, but it's so darn cute to see them toothless for a bit!
I love the comment 'Hello...It's Me Again' left. How cute!
The tooth fairy forgot in our house one night, too, so Bryce had to retry the next night b/c it had fallen off of his bed as he slept with his arm under his pillow.
Oh my!
Happy new week ahead!
Are you decked out for Christmas yet? I'm trying to get there!!!
Hugs, Les

Robin Beck said...

Gracie is adorable!

Hi Jenni, I am back from my blogcation! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
Hey, I'm so glad someone else has had the losing teeth dream. I have had the losing my teeth dream many MANY times... I heard it means you have a fear of change. I took a dream class in college and really it was a joke if you ask me. (though it was a easy class) :)
Have a great week!

Elyse said...

what a little cutie! I felt the same bittersweet feelings when Arabella got her teeth in, i thought, i am so going to miss her little gummy smile. ah, the blessing of a child!
Yours is precious!

Jeni said...

WHAT! I know you denied it didn't you.

She looks so cute missing a tooth!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Wow, every time I see her, she looks more like her dad and brother! :)