Friday, June 27, 2008

Too many options!

Well, as I mentioned the last time I wrote, we are wrapping up our master bedroom...finally. We need to replace two more new doors and I have a little touch-up painting on the new moulding and chair rail we finished installing.

So now our thoughts are turning toward one of our next big projects, which is our kitchen.

I have painted the cabinets~ inside and out~ but it's been a while, and they need to be repainted/touched-up. Our countertops, sink, faucet, floor, and stove need to be replaced! That much I know...but what kind of floor? Should we use beadboard for the walls under the cabinets or a tile backsplash? I have even been contemplating using brick pavers on the walls between the cabinet and countertop ( like Kim from One Woman's Cottage Life) . I saw the pictures of their kitchen and the painted brick adds such a touch of old world charm! It kind of reminded me of a very old kitchen in a house from the 1700's pictured in a recent edition of Romantic Homes. The kitchen still had the original stone walls, and the new owners painted them romantic!
When we started talking about what we would use for a "backsplash", I really only knew of two options~ tile or laminate (which we know we don't want) ...but now the more I read, the less decisive I am...there are just too many options!

Okay, and flooring~ I have fallen in love with the idea of using brick pavers for our kitchen floor, and just lay them right over the subfloor, painted glossy white of course! But my common sense is prevailing and I am not sure it is the smartest plan with three children! But in our master THAT I know I am going to do! It would be so charming, don't you think? :)
But back to the kitchen, even if we eliminate the option of brick, that still leaves tile and vinyl. Vinyl definitely has its advantages, one of which is easy maintenance. That is a great thing with kids, I think. But tell me how it is that a woman who can delve into the midst of a raging battle between her three children can quake at the thought of making these simple decisions? :)

However, I DO know I want the kitchen to be sage green and red, along with the soft yellow walls I painted last spring. That much I'm sure of...I think. :)

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