Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's the small things...

Guess what I found? The latest copy of my favorite magazine, Romantic Country. It is published quarterly, so it's always so, so exciting when it finally comes out! It just made my day! ( I have almost no luck finding it anywhere but Barnes and Noble.) I snagged a copy for myself and one for my sister, of course, because who knows if it will even be there the next time I go? All afternoon it's made me happy, just knowing what a treat it would be to read it! :)
See? I tell my husband. I really DO try to be content. But at least when I want to be happy, it only takes $ 6.95 ! Sometimes it really is the small things that count. :)


Cindy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your blog design!

Romantic Country is my favorite magazine too (and not just because I was in there once)! I get so excited when it comes out!

About Southern Belle said...

I agree, it is always nice to have something to look forward to after a long day. Can't wait to read your next blog entry. = )

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogland!!!
You've done a beautiful job with your special place on the 'net that is all YOURS! Be very proud! I look forward to visiting you AND I'm so glad you found Romantic Country.. it is a beautiful issue, isn't it?
Thank you for sharing your blog with me and thank you for being an absolute sweetheart too!
Daisy Cottage