Thursday, June 26, 2008

The fun part

I thought before I jumped right into the bad and the ugly of our fixer-upper (which abound), I would show you a little of the good...Now by saying this, I am not saying it is perfect, the most beautiful, or that I am completely done with's just one little part of our house that, when I look at it, captures just a bit of what we are trying so hard to do~ to turn a house that hadn't been loved for a very long time into a romantic cottage! And so, in celebration of our home's 40th birthday, I will show you a few of of the prettier pictures...and save the more unsightly, daunting, somewhat frightening views for a later post!

So much of owning our house so far has been about removing walls, replacing subfloors, flooring, sinks, toilets, countertops (pretty much everything actually)... it's pure joy to be able to decorate! And since our master bedroom is in its final stages of "repair", the fun part has begun! Although I have to say, the funnest part is enjoying it! :)
Try to ignore the popcorn ceiling if you can, as well as the ugly roller shade and the end table beside the bed that isn't quite finished...

This was part fun and part frustration! The headboard slipcover was the most difficult thing I had ever sewn! I think it was supposed to be easy, but I had never done ruffles before! But I am so happy I didn't give up!

Putting the canopy together was fun work! Painting walls is one of my creative outlets, but even I was glad when, after several different color combinations, we found this robin's egg blue...and it worked. The room is happy with it, and so am I!

Soon, our bedroom will be finished with its restoration and I will show you full-room pictures, but for now this is all I dare show! :)



About Southern Belle said...

What a beautiful bedroom Jenni! It has been many years since I have seen your house, but my gosh, you are SO talented. Just curious, was that Grandma's old bed headboard that you covered? If so you really took something that needed a LOT of love and turned it into something so oh, well shall I say "romantic."

jamroom said...

Its beautiful, love that chandelier! I'm in awe of the headboard it does look complicated. The color adds a lot to the room. It really compliments the white accent furniture and the chandelier. Can't wait to see your next post!

Jenni said...

In response to your question, no, I actually bought the headboard at a thrift store for 10 dollars! I looked for one I liked with a simple shape. I traced the headboard onto paper, then used that as my pattern.

If you would like directions on how to make this slipcover, please feel free to email me!