Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting things back to normal...

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, too! Tomorrow we all go back to our normal routine, with kids at school and my husband at is hard to let the vacation go! It feels SO good to be blogging again, though! I kept telling myself I wanted to have something "fun" to share before I blogged, and not just drop in to give you an update concerning my husband's health, not wanting to bore you or anything, but I recently realized it was really and truly quite rude of me NOT to give you an update much sooner...please forgive me?

The reason we were so worried was because the doctor found my husband's blood pressure to be REALLY high, and they ran an EKG on him and it came back abnormal, showing that his heart was enlarged, which means that it has to work harder than it should to pump blood. This should not be the case for someone who exercises regularly. So they scheduled a stress test, which includes an ultrasound and another EKG. They also put him on medicine for the blood pressure. The thing that was so worrisome is that having consistently high blood pressure can cause heart and kidney problems...So I was VERY worried, as you know.

I was SHOCKED when the stress test came back NORMAL~ shocked with happiness and relief beyond anything I've ever known! His blood pressure was also in the range his doctor was hoping for. The blood tests showed good things too~ his kidneys are in perfect shape. ALL of this shows that the medicine is working. I was disappointed when he checked it this week and it was higher, but he reminded me that it IS so much lower now than it was.

SO, thank you all very much for your prayers and thoughts~ they meant so much to me! :) And thank you again for listening!

BUT...I cannot leave you without showing you something pretty, so I wanted to show you this...

I have been looking for certain curtains online EVERYWHERE that I had seen on another blog, and couldn't find them, until I checked at the Country Curtains website.

I love these in the gold fabric, although they also come in other colors. I love the way they puddle on the floor...just delicious!

But they have many, many more curtains to choose from...

And what I love is that they have their curtains in an assortment of colors...

For example, the red is really pretty, but what if you want them in black?

They not only have them in black, they have a coordinating valance to go with them!


I love how they have every style you could imagine, too. These are just some of the ones that caught my eye! :)

Well, that's all for now! I hope you have a great Monday! :)


P.S. I can't get the font to be smaller at the end here! Arg! Sorry for how it looks!


Darlene said...

I am so glad your hubby is doing much better with his medicine. Glad the high blood pressure was caught before it turned any more dangerous. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas and New Year. We are back to the normal routine today too. I still want to be sleeping in later!!

trish said...

Good Morning Jenni.
I can only imagine your relief from the news of your husband's condition. I am so happy for each one of you!
I hope you too had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. :o) Your family picture is precious! :o)
Don't you just love Country Curtains! So many pretty choices! :o)
:o) Trish

Scrappy Girl said...

Glad he is doing better...very scary! Happy New Year to you!

bubble said...

pleased he is doing better!

happy new year to you all Jenni!!

Love all those pics...great choices! xxx

About Southern Belle said...

About time you updated your blog! (just kidding!)
I love, love, love the curtains!

Tracey said...

Thank goodness it's under control. I have been on medication for high blood pressure for 3 years now, it's stable now. Happy new year to you and your

Amy S. said...

Hi Jenni! What a huge relief! I've been praying for him a lot. I'm so happy to hear that the medicine is working and that his kidneys are fine!
I'm looking forward to getting together with you and your sister soon! :)
(By the way, I disconnected my home phone since I wasn't using it enough). So call me on my cell!

Amber M. said...

I was so relieved to read your post today...your family was in my thoughts over the Holidays.

Sending love from the other side of WA!

Robin Beck said...

Hi Jenni,

My husband had the same deal and he used to run marathons and triathlons... They did all the heart tests on him and found that he just really has a big heart! (I always knew this about him) :) His resting heart rate is 42!
I have heard about guys that exercised that had high blood pressure-Mostly I heard it was genitic. I wonder if this is the case with your husband if HBP runs in his family?
I'm thrilled to hear he is doing better!
I love the curtains and look forward to seeing how your house comes along this year.
Have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...


I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing better! Hypertension is not a fun thing. My Mother has it!

Those curtains are so pretty! We are in desperate need of drapes for our home. Some will have to be custom though because of the size of the windows. I'm hoping to do the kitchen valances ourselves. I have found some that I like just haven't gotten the motivation to get started. Maybe soon!

Jeni said...

I am so glad the Dr's have found the problem and can try to fix it. That is so scary!

Happy curtain shopping.

Merry Winter