Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A new blog design and some crafts

Hi all! I hope you are having a wonderful week! :) I am so excited over here because anytime your blog gets a new look, it's a good day! It is a lot like getting a new hair cut that you love! It has been a year since I went bright aqua and red, and I just wanted something SIMPLE this time. Neutral. Clean and straight-lined. What do you think? If you too have been thinking of giving your blog a little lift, I would highly recommend Michelle at Shabby Creations. She even has dozens of amazing pre-made designs! I ordered my package last night and she installed it tonight! (WOW!) Now she is making new little category buttons for my blog, so if you are seeing aqua boxes around my current buttons, that will be updated soon! :) Okay, I promise I'm done talking about my new blog design, but I wanted to say "thank you!" to Michelle, and let you know about her work! :)

I was inspired by The Happy Homebody to make a framed pear picture that I just think is SO cute! She also did an adorable framed pumpkin too, and if you click on her blog name, it will show you the directions. (I just used her pumpkin instructions to copy her framed pear idea.)

The idea is to cut the pear (or pumpkin) in half, and so I started cutting and it went well for a while until I hit something hard and rather unyielding! I thought it was metal of some sort, but look what they put inside of this pear, most likely to make it more sturdy and such... But good grief! It turned out fine~ I just burrowed around it and yanked it out...

And in the end it all turned out fine! But I must admit, sometimes I truly do wonder how it is that I can take a simple project and turn it into something so difficult! :) I was so nervous before cutting the pear, you would have thought I was about to perform brain surgery! I was afraid I'd mess it up, and I only had one of these large green pears!

Okay, now are you already tired of my crafting "soap opera"? I hope not because I have one more craft to share! :) If you have been reading this blog for a while, you probably know I'm kind of addicted to framing letters. And every fall, it gets bad, really bad! It's kind of an when I saw these frames at JoAnn's for one dollar a piece~ yes, one dollar I tell you! ~

I snatched some up and bought them! I was inspired yet again, this time by Wendy over at
The Shabby Nest , with one of her lovely fall displays with white pottery on white shelves, with the letters "e-e-k" spelled out. SO, of course I had to "spell" eek too because it was just so darn cute!

I just used simple white cardstock for the paper and stuck pn these cute sticky letters I found at Michael's.

And have any of you been in the paper section at Michael's lately? I haven't seen such a variety of cute paper there in a while! I never can seem to find what I am looking for, but my sister and I were there yesterday and we both found a lot of cute colors and patterns! We were so happy! :)

Well, it is LATE here and I'm falling asleep at the computer so I'd better close for now! I hope you are all doing well! :) We're almost to the weekend! :)



Odette said...

the new make over looks cool. i like the simple design and color. and your frame project as usual turned out nice.

Tracey said...

I love the new look ;0)
and the pear in a frame is fantastic!

Darlene said...

LOVE your new blog make-over!!! Too cute! Your projects turned out GREAT! Hope you are having a wonderful day.♥

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I love your new look! You have such a gift with crafty goods!!! I might have to try out the "frame" art!!!

Have a great weekend!

Scrappy Girl said...

Cute makeover.

I loved the framed pear and "eek" cute!

Southern Belle said...

I think your design is fitting for the coming winter months and is very elegant! I love the font she used for your title...its lovely.

The pear project was too cute and I too had a wonderful time shopping for paper with you. See you soon!


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I love your new blog design! It's simple yet elegant! I'll have to look and see what she has.

I loved Angie's pear project! It is cute! Your's turned out cute too. I don't know what we did before scrapbook paper!


Amber M. said...

I LOVE your new blog look. And I love the pear...perfect with the red check background.

I got your question and I actually found my drapery panels at Fred Meyer. They have so many options and they have great sales!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog look!

That framed pear is really cute!

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Just jump in by posting this week's list on your sidebar. Most people do a post that they are joining and link back to my blog, but it's not a requirement. On Wednesday night I host a weekly party called Transformation Thursday, and it's the perfect time to show off your work each week. Hope you get lots accomplished!