Friday, October 23, 2009

Decorating dilemma

If someone were to ask you what your decorating style was, what would you say? And would you be able to summarize it in one style alone?

If you can, I truly envy you! I am beginning to think I have some sort of multiple decorator personality disorder, and it is not pretty! I can't seem to define what I like when I decorate. Shabby Chic? (Yes.) French Country? (Absolutely.) Vintage or Retro? (Both.) Cottage? (Definitely!) Do you see what I mean? And this isn't all either. When it comes to colors, I am SO conflicted lately! If you know me, you know I LOVE to paint! Painting furniture is fine, but painting walls is one of my favorite things to do! I love changing a room around, and this has been the primary way I have introduced color to a room for years now. So I see a room like this~

(Disclaimer: I have posted this picture before!)

~And my heart skips a beat for the love of color! But there is also something very attractive about this picture~

And this~

(LOVING this refrigerator!)

~See the beautiful simplicity? The fresh, clean feel of the room? Lately I'm thinking neutrals aren't so bad...

And a dash of rustic farmhouse wouldn't be so bad either~

And I will admit that there is something appealing about these pictures~

~Although I'm more into red than pink, isn't that pink refrigerator so cute? :)

I started this kitchen project with one idea of how it would look, and now it seems I am going in a totally different direction, loving the simpler, neutral look. So now I find I am trying to combine this~

~With some of this~

~And hoping that when it all finally comes together, it will be just right. :) Although if truth be told, I think our kitchen will end up more neutral with bits of color here and there...

(* All photos from Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living.)

Oh, and on the matter of IKEA, and the recent trip there: IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! My main thought when my sister and I left was how soon we could go back! :) I did buy curtains for our living room, but the color isn't going to work so it's back to I mind? Not a bit, although it will be nice to find the right curtains! I also found a couple of other things, including a duvet cover with matching pillow cases, and I will show you those soon! :)

I will be around to visit you all soon! I hope you are having a good week! :)



Amber M. said...

I love all the vintage fridges!! I'm with you about red over pink, but sometimes pink is just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are all so pretty! Our style is more traditional and people have a hard time seeing that in us. But it's true! One day, I'm going to get around to blogging about our house.

Glad that y'all had a great time at IKEA!

Angie said...

I can totally relate about liking different styles! I see ideas all the time that make me want to change and redo rooms in my house. Love all those pictures!

Robin Beck said...

Hi Jenni!
Are you getting lots of wind where you live? We are here~(South of Seattle)

Okay, where have I been? Your blog looks amazing!

When someone asks what my decorating style is I always say, "Sophisticated Country." I made this name up-It fits me to a tee.
I love all your photos-Nowadays I feel it's okay to mix and match styles you love in your home. It's all about what you love.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Robin Beck said...

Hi again Jenni,
I'm so happy you liked the magazine-I really have to like something to tell others about it. I like their recipes and their cute crafts.

I like wind too, actually I like all extreme weather!

I've gotta get ready for all the cute kids that will be at my door tonight! Have fun,

jen said...

I have the same problem Jenni! I love color but also love all neutrals...I love so many different styles, I wish I had three kitchens to decorate!! Most of the photos you posted are in my inspiration file. I think you and I have similiar taste in decorating. I also love the old vintage appliances, but also like stainless. I guess you could define my style as eclectic, cottage, farmhouse style? Drives me nuts!! Glad you enjoyed your trip to ikea!!

About Southern Belle said...

Hi Jenni, I left you an award...come and get it!

Unknown said...

Great pics! I have a hard time picking styles too!

Jen @ said...

I am the same way! I love so many different styles. And I love color, but whenever I see a house done in only shades of white it makes me want to redo everything!

Those pictures are all beautiful. And I love IKEA too - such a fun place!


Janene said...

Yeah, I have the same problem. Which is why, really, in the full 10 years I've been an official, college-graduate-out-in-the-world adult, I have never REALLY decorated any of my living spaces. I just can't decide. SO! I decorate the store. :)

Jeni said...

Just remember the joy is in the journey...your kitchen I am sure will be to-die-for when it's done!

It has been SOOOO long since I have stopped over here at the Nest to Keep...I have mixed feeling over the new blog design...I guess I am not one for change.