Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fresh flowers

I think there are few things so wonderful as a bouquet of flowers from your very own garden in your house. As one attempting to trade this "black thumb" of mine in for a green one, it makes me so so happy to have my flowers not only survive, but thrive! :)

I think I am going to try and dry these hydrangeas...you know, as proof that I am not a complete failure at gardening, hehe! :) No really, I just think they will look pretty on my fireplace mantel in the winter, what do you think?

How is your week going? Hopefully it is going well and you are staying cool where you are! :)

Have a blessed night,


Tracey said...

They are lovely. It's cooled down here but I've had a fever for days so I'm still too hot!!!LOL

Unknown said...

love the purple color, its my favorite!!! of course, it will look good anywhere you put it.

Amy said...

They are beautiful! I hope you're surviving the heat wave...it's going to be hotter next week.
See you on Saturday! :)

Anonymous said...

You hydrangeas are beautiful!

We are actually having a mild July for NC. Usually we average in the upper 90s but so far haven't seen that. I typically like the hot weather so I am a little disappointed!

About Southern Belle said...

I love the picture and the flowers are beautiful!

Doubtful that I will stay cool here in SoCal...its hotter than
h, e, double hockey sticks, pardon my french.

Darlene said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!! I hope the ones I just planted "thrive"!

the undomesticated wife said...

Ooo, I love hydrangeas! They are so pretty! I've been wanting to plant some for a while, but I hear they are hard to grow here because of the heat/lack of rain. I have one in a pot in my kitchen. But I'd really like some outside.

Angie said...

Those are just gorgeous! Have a great Friday and weekend!

Flowernflorist said...

OMG! Beauty in Purple is beyond the limit. What other colors comes with this flower if I want a delivery of flowers phoenix