Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There's no place like home!

Orcas Island~ Part one

And when we came back last week from our little beach trip, I really could have clicked my heels three times and said that! (Although it isn't as easy to click your heels as it looks!) We had a wonderful time on Orcas Island though, and I enjoyed myself more than I ever have there before. But when it's time to leave, I'm always ready for home! Actually this time I had the (not so) bright idea to leave on the last ferry out on Wednesday night versus the first ferry on Thursday morning. I thought it would be fun~ you know, a late night ferry trip...Uh, not so much! We were all so tired and cranky! Our ferry was running behind schedule, and it was after one in the morning before we were home! Looking back, it's all a little funny now, but we won't be doing that again! Did I tell you that sometimes I don't have the best ideas? :)

We had so much fun, and we were blessed with great weather for our stay! :)

(Poor geese!)

We took a four mile hike around this gorgeous lake...about a fourth of the way through the kids hoped it was over! (Uh no, just about three miles to go...)

And you guessed it~ ate WAY too many s'mores! :)

And of course, no trip to Orcas Island would be complete without breakfast out at The Sunflower Cafe! :) But nothing, and I repeat, nothing beats that feeling when you walk through your own front door and think to yourself. "I'm home!" Even if it is at the wee hours of the morning! :)

So are you all having a good week and enjoying summer? I sure hope so! We are taking swimming lessons each morning for a couple of weeks, which the kids love. Oh, and before I sign off, here's one last picture:

Guess who wandered into our neighborhood, alone and crying pitifully? Our neighbors rescued her and when we got back from our trip, asked us if we wanted her. Isn't she adorable? I'll share more about this you tomorrow because this post is already really long, but needless to say, I think we are going to have TWO kittens, because we love this sweetie so much! :)

Have a great night and a fantastic Thursday! :)



Odette said...

what a fab vacation! you came home sun-tanned and with aching limbs!!! yes, i agree though that nothing beats coming home - into that familiar bath room and familiar bed where you can just lounge a little more longer than usual, hahaha!
nice to have you back,

Tracey said...

Welcome home! What lovely pictures, and what an amazing place. I could do with a few days there. (all on my own!)

Scrappy Girl said...

What a gorgeous place to visit! I would have been with the kids whining and then when you said 3 more miles I would have melted to the ground groaning...LOL!

That is one cute kitty...I don't blame ya for wanting to have 2~

Amy said...

I love the pictures! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
What an adorable kitten! Two definitely sounds better than just one. :)
I hope to see you soon!

Carrie said...

oh what a great time! Love the kitty

Southern Belle said...

What beautiful pictures! So glad you all had such a lovely time. I can understand why you were so happy to arrive home, especially after a that late night ferry, lol. Your new kitty is so cute!

Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you guys had a great vacation. The place you went looks gorgeous! I am with you though... there's no place like home. I love to go places but am always ready to go home after a few days. Your new kitty is just precious!