Sunday, April 11, 2010

Forever young

This past Friday, my mother-in-law and I went to lunch at a cute little tea place near her home. It was lovely, and we had such a fun time. BUT there was just one little blemish on the afternoon:

The owner was cleaning up a nearby table
. Looked at my MIL, and then at me, saying conversationally, "Last day of spring break."

She thought I was a kid.

And if I'm lucky, she at least thought I was in high school. If.

My mother-in-law told her that I wasn't on spring break, that I had three children of my own.

Then I felt very compelled to add that I would be turning 35 this month.

I tried not to be too disturbed by her shock at this statement.

The very nice lady told me to enjoy looking so young.

(I told her I would like to invent a different kind of wrinkle cream.)

The thing is, I was almost serious. Okay, I don't want wrinkles or gray hair yet, but I would settle for not looking like my almost teenage son's sister. Do you know if I were as young as some think I am, I have calculated it out: I would have had to have had my son when I was four. Yes, four. And not only is this physically impossible, it is depressing.

Now if this were just a once in a blue moon sort of happening, it probably wouldn't faze me. But unfortunately, it has been the story of my life...

When I had just turned 16, I was on a church bus heading to a youth group retreat. I got chewed out by a kid who thought I was ten years old, trying to go to a high school retreat.

My friends were very offended on my part, one of them telling him that at least I didn't look like I was 35. (Like he did.)

Well, now that I am 35, or almost, I figured I haven't aged that quickly~ if I was ten almost 20 years ago, and now am 16, that's only six years in the past 19. It is clear I am going nowhere fast. At this rate, when my son's voice changes and he is taller than me, they won't think I am his sister, they'll think I'm his girlfriend. And that, my friends, is something that is guaranteed to depress not only me, but my son. I'll be lucky if he wants to go anywhere with me ever again.

Do I sound a little bit bitter? I'm really not. I will admit, it is all a little amusing. And yes, I would rather look younger than older. And yes, I am sure I will love it someday.

But sometimes it would just be so nice
to at least look like I was in college.

Off my soapbox now,


Burlap Luxe said...

I love this post to death, I too have experienced this exact thing happen to me over and over, When my son was 18 then 19 he would be asked about his girl friend all the time. They thought I was his slightly older or more mature girl friend...Eeeeh! gads!! It got to the point that I would think that anyone that looked at us strange thought I was his girl friend.

My poor son, now we laugh about it :)

enjoy your youth, someday we will all be counting our wrinkles and our blessings.


Fabienne said...

Nice! Savor it !

Judi said...

Oh dear Jenni
I can only imagine how you are feeling at this....but it makes me smile..this is such a cute post. Truly.
You really in so many ways are fortunate...for certainly if you didn't look your age you are much happier to look this way than looking far older than your years for that time WILL come...
See all the good sides to how lovely you are and look in age too...
*smiling*...cute story....

Judi said...
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Robin Beck said...

I'm 45 and looked very young in my 30's (age finally caught up to me and I look my age now) I remember people thinking my oldest son was my brother.
It doesn't matter if you look majorly young or super old-It's all about your heart and we love yours!
I have a friend that still looks like she is 13 and she is older then me!
I'm sure when you are 80 you will be thankful for this youthful look...Though 40 year old guys will probably be hitting on you! LOL! I crack me up!


Amy S. said...

Jenni, this post made me laugh so hard! You know that I completely understand, since I've always looked young, too. Remember when 2 different people thought my foster son was my boyfriend (and he's 13 years younger than me)! We were both so horrified.
I don't think you look like you're in high school! I can't believe that woman thought it was your spring break. :)

About Southern Belle said...

Lol, I feel your pain. Just give it a few more years, I am sure we'll have wrinkles eventually. ; )


Anonymous said...

Most of my patients think that I am still in my early 20s! I enjoy it. I don't want to grow old or even look old. Not yet anyway. Girl, enjoy looking young! It'll catch up to us one day!

Jen Kershner said...

Okay, I hear where you're coming from but it's better than someone thinking you are your sons grandmother, right? It's all about perspective. I get it though because people often look at me funny when I tell them I have a 16 year old, as if I was a teen mom. I always feel the need to announce my age and always feel myself blushing uncontrollably as if I had something to be embarrassed about.

Sky said...

Lucky! I cringe when someone calls me ma'am! Sending you big smoochies Miss Jenni. Keep a look out in the mail! ;)