Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The perfect rug

(Better Homes and Gardens)

I have been thinking about area rugs lately...

(Country Living)

We have one that, although I would not say it is entirely "me", is just the right rug for our living room floor during the cold, wet winter months. It is the softest, thickest type rug (wooly like a sheep) and my husband especially loves it, as he is more of a carpet person. (It was hard to convince him to rip out the carpet and replace it with laminate flooring a few years back.) So this rug makes him happy. :)

I am of the opinion, however, that it is nice essential to have a winter rug and a summer rug...well, maybe not essential. And then of course there is the everlasting question of where to store the 8x10 "winter rug"...But a girl can dream, can't she? :)

(Country Living)

And so in the spring, I start thinking about a nice summer rug for our floor...

(All You)

My personal favorite is sisal...


But I have been looking at seagrass, and it definitely has its merits. I love how on the sisal and the seagrass, you can choose your favorite color of binding too!


And then there is jute, which is also nice...


BUT...I still must say, I think sisal is the best fit for our little cottage...

(Better Homes and Gardens)

(Better Homes and Gardens)

(Better Homes and Gardens)

Then again, there's also the idea of no rug at all during the warmer months. This would be especially workable if you have hardwoods. Which I don't. (Yet.) But, in my dreams I do, and they look lovely with or without a rug. (wink.)

(Country Living)

(Better Homes and Gardens)

(Better Homes and Gardens)

But now as far as my favorite inspiration picture in all that I have seen while looking for inspiration...

(Better Homes and Gardens)

Be still my heart~ there truly are no words...I have been looking for an antique daybed ever so long, but now that is a completely different story...

Blessings to you all,


Anonymous said...

Pretty photos! I know that IKEA has some reasonable prices on sisal rugs if you have a store near you. Also, I love the Dash and Albert line, which you can order from online. Someday I would love one of their rugs!

bubble said...

lovely pictures! I get inspiration off blogs when there are posts like this!!


Scrappy Girl said...

I love carpet...but we don't do such a good job keeping it clean. When we remodel our floors will be wood.

Darlene said...

Hi Jenni,

I love each and every one of those pictures you have shown. I love the look of the sisal rugs but I just can't decide how easy they would be to clean or if they would stain at the slightest thing. My hubby and I have WAY different likes for a rug. The one we have now is functional but not my favorite. If you end up getting a sisal rug be sure to let me know on the cleaning.

About Southern Belle said...

Could I just fall into your blog and live there? I love the second and third pictures. Honestly, I love all the pictures, but those are my fav's. See you soon!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I really like sisal, but I really ENJOY my JUTE rugs. Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family:)


Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for coming by...I have had most of these pictures I could move into most of them. You have a sweet spirit and a deep soul, creative mind and great design style.
Thank you for the compliment on the Blackboard and the distressing I did to the old mirror.

Have I mentioned I love Washington and I miss Seattle, I lived in the town of Redmond and out on the lake of lake Washington, I envy you and wish, truely wish i could go back.
The rain is inspiring there, and snow skiing is the best.

visit soon, what town are you in?

let us know what rug you pick.
xx "Dore"

Anonymous said...

We have oriental rugs in our house. The town I grew up in has a Karastan plant and corporate office. So, most around here buy Karastan. I love the sisal and seagrass! All of those pictures are just dreamy!