Monday, February 1, 2010


...We were in the Capital of FUN all last week, and before we even got on the plane, I already knew of one place I just HAD to see! The Magic Kingdom? No. Sea World or Hollywood Studios? No, no...

How about Home Goods?

Well, actually there were two places I wanted to go to, the other one being Hobby Lobby, but it was too far away, about an hour and a half's drive...but someday I am going there too! :) We don't have either of these stores in the Seattle area. :( Sniff, sniff...But Home Goods was a lot like Marshall's, only bigger and minus the clothes and shoes, which I never look at there anyway. I found a few cute things...

Like these sweet heart shaped Chantal pieces, just perfect for Valentine's Day...It would be fun to use these to make cakes, and put the smaller heart on top of the larger one. I think it would look cute, and just may have to try this out! :)

I also found this set of four dishtowels, and loved the patterns! :)

(I also found an adorable little cake stand that wouldn't fit in our luggage...but maybe it will be at Marshall's?)

So let's add this up:

Small heart~ 1.99
Larger heart~ 5.99
Dishtowel set~ 6.99

Now, these might not be the cheapest prices in the world, but considering what I could have spent at Disney World for a single tee shirt, I think I got more bang for my buck by shopping at Home Goods instead! :) And I guess this is kind of weird, but given the choice, I am always more likely to buy something for our house than an item of clothing to wear! How about you? Do you tend to gravitate towards the clothing aisle or the home things?

Oh, I didn't want to forget to show you this, and couldn't remember if I have mentioned this magazine before:

But this is their latest edition, and it is so good! The prevailing style can tend to be a little more modern than I am, but it is true to it's word and is definitely a magazine for hands on people! I love it's decorate on the cheap ideas, and lack of constant advertisements! :) Just thought I'd share...

Well, I hope this finds you all doing well, and that you have a great night! :)


Darlene said...

You found some cuties at Home Goods. I have only been to a Home Goods a couple of times as the closest one to me is about 1 1/2 hours away but I LOVED it! I enjoyed browsing all around and looking at all their neat stuff.

Julian said...

just new to your place, and really like it! I used to live in Seattle. Now Im in Texas! Miss the greenery!

Yes, I actually DO tend more to the home things rather than clothes! I also scrimp to save on home things from second hand stores! Never seen or heard of Home Goods. Hobby Lobby? That a whole new can of worms! There was one in our town , but I guess God wanted to tell me something about my spending, because they have moved 20 minutes away, and I MISS THAT!!

Amy S. said...

You make me laugh! Even on vacation, you're thinking of things for your home! :)
Those are very cute things for Valentine's Day!
Are we still on for Friday? My only plans that day are taking my niece to the library at some point.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Home Goods, TJMaxx, Marshalls are all owned by the same company.

I rarely buy clothing at any of them!


Southern Belle said...

How fun to be able to go to a new home decor store. You found some cute items~


Anonymous said...

I love those heart shape dishes! So cute!

To answer your question- NC doesn't usually see snow like this. We have had a total of 16" this winter with more on the way this coming up weekend. We are very fortunate that most winters it's about 1-2" total and that's it. We are having one of those odd ball winters. NC is a beautiful state. And best of all where I live we have a Hobby Lobby and a Home Goods in High Point which is only 30 minutes away. :o)

Angie said...

Glad you had a great time on your vacation. LOOOVE Homegoods! I have only been in one twice. The closest one is about 3 hours away from where I live. Yes, I totally bypass the clothes (although I really need some) in stores and always go straight to the house stuff!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

When we lived in CT they opened a HomeGoods near us. I loved that store!

When I was at Michael's the other day I was lamenting the lack of Hobby Lobby stores while speaking with a clerk in the floral department. She agreed with me and said she always goes to one when she visits family in Colorado--and she heard a rumor that they're looking to expand to western Washington. Wouldn't that be great?!

~ Sarah

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Love your buys and I too was going to blog about that magazine! Looooved it!


trish said...

Your goodies will be perfect in your home. :o) We don't have a Home Goods (that I am aware of) anywhere around here. I would love to find one though.
Like you, I gravitate toward the home items rather than anything else at Marshall's. :o) I sneak peeks at the shoes from time to time, but would rather find a cute dish than a cute pair of shoes! :o)
I will tell you, I miss my west coast thrift stores and antique stores. Where I live, there are very few (nice ones).
Sincerely ~ Trish

Jeni said...

OOOO love the red towels. I am so into red right now! I have not seen that magazine...I am going to look for it. Thanks