Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hurray for Daniel Hannan!

Who is Daniel Hannan you may ask? Well, if truth be told, I didn't know either until this morning. I was listening to the radio, and happened to hear portions of a speech he made. He is English, a European Parliamentary member, who bravely and eloquently addressed Prime Minister Gordan Brown. It was one one the most amazing speeches I have heard lately! It was concise, it was daring, it was the truth! I was cheering him along as I listened! Later today I found it on the web, on YouTube, in its entirety. I wonder if we continue on this "road to socialism" as Glenn Beck says, how long it will be before we say this to our present government?

In a news interview, Daniel Hannan says the one thing we have going for us here in the US is that we have a Constitution, an article that begins, "We the People" whereas their own begins, "Her Majesty the Queen of Belgium". Think about that. We the people. I don't know about you, but this member of "We the people" is most certainly not going to go down without a fight! I have no intention of seeing our free, capitalist democracy turn into a socialist government. I find myself at a point where I do not understand people, I do not recognize our country. We do not "deserve" anything free besides the freedom God gave us. Our right to be free does not come from this or any other government! It comes from God who created all men equal. And HE ordained us with certain unalienable rights. And I will not give up this right.

I do not want free health care. I don't want help. I'm sorry, but I am rather worked up here, because I have had it! We need to remember that if we take anything from our government, we cannot expect it to be without a price. You cannot have celebrate Independence Day in a socialist country. What is our independence from, what does this day mean? What makes being an American citizen different? The American Revolutionary War was not fought so we could be "entitled" to handouts. The result of this war was a free country with a new Constitution. A Bill of Rights. Are we willing to so easily exchange those for this terrible idea of our government "taking care of us"? Do we trust our government~ any member of government~ that much? I do not.

What has happened to us? We are immigrants, or descendants of immigrants~ our ancestors were a strong, independent, courageous people who were willing to work hard as they settled in this country. I know I probably would not have been the bravest of them all, maybe my family would have stayed "back East" while many bravely hit the frontier trail West. I am so thankful for these gutsy, amazing Americans who paved the way for us. We have it so good, so much easier than they did. And yet I believe they were so much more thankful than we are. This defies common sense.

I was going to write about decorating, really! But I just got to thinking and the more I thought, the more I knew I had to take the chance and say what I am really thinking about today. It's not much and compared to those who have gone before us, it is little indeed. Thank you for letting me sound off! It felt good, liberating even, to speak so freely and honestly.

*Edited to add: My friend commented on my use of the word "democracy", referring to America. She was right~ we are NOT a democracy. We are a REPUBLIC. I stand corrected! :)
I also wanted to give a link to a blog post, written by Montee is a Palmoetta Girl. It related to what I have discussed in this post, and is written in a clear and articulate way. :) Here it is:


Tracey said...

Wow! Feel better?! Sometimes we get so wound up (especially about politics!) that it does good to vent.
Great post!
Love Tracey x x x

Tracey said...

PS, I have an award for you Jenni,
Tracey xxx

Shell in your Pocket said...

He needs to come to our Congress and our White House..that fits us perfect.
sandy toe

Amber M. said...

I heard this guy on Rush yesterday, too. SO, so great. He needs to come across the pond.

DailyDealAddict said...

Mainstream media ignored this slam of socialism, but Jay Leno slams Obama in this video with the c-word (communism):

Anonymous said...

This was great, Jenni! I have to vent about all this sometimes too. It makes me so angry what our country is turning into.

jen said...

Preach it sister!!

It seems most people don't even think for themselves anymore and don't have a stinkin clue what's going on...including all the bone heads that make up our government!!

Great post!!

bubble said...

Hi jenni, I have an award for you...come and get it.


Montee said...

Where are all the real leaders? I guess across the pond. This guy is great!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

About Southern Belle said...

Amen! You took the words right out of my mouth sis! I watched the same clip of Daniel Hannan a couple weeks ago--I was cheering him on the whole time I listened.

"The government cannot give to anyone anything that it does not first take from someone else."
- Thomas Jefferson